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This application was developed for iOS devices running version 4.2 or newer and functions with any iOS devices equipped with WiFi or Bluetooth. At least one device must have email capability and be an iPad type device.

This application is designed to allow someone to use an iPad as a full sized keyboard for typing mail messages to be sent via a paired iPhone. This is useful in cases where there is no WiFi, your iPad does not have cellular access, but you want to compose and send an email using your iPad keyboard to be send via your iPhone internet connection.

If you are someone who types a lot of mail messages on your iPhone and find the small keyboard cumbersome then this is the App for you!

Here is how it works. You run TableMail on both your iPad and iPhone. You pair the two devices together by clicking the big pair icon button on both devices and following the onscreen instructions. Next you address and write the mail message on the iPad using the full-sized keyboard and send it to your iPhone (start the message via one of the four message button options on the iPad side). When received on your iPhone it is in an addressed and filled out iOS email message window where you click send to actually issue the mail message. This does support multiple photo album attachments in a single email and, if you own StealthCam app you can directly compose a photo attached e-mail from within that app and launch TableMail as well.

NOTE: You do not need to buy two TabletMail applications. Buy one and sync in iTunes to the two devices you wish to pair.


Easy to use Pair, Compose, Send paradigm (easy as 1, 2, 3!).
Pair via WiFi or Bluetooth. Some WiFi have issues with pairing so disabling WiFi on one device will force fast Bluetooth pairing if you have this issue.
Compose a new message (photo attachments allowed), one with last recipients already addressed, or choose a starting recipient list from a list of recent addresses.
Once the message is transferred to the iPhone it can be further reviewed before sending the mail message.


You can purchase TabletTexting by clicking here now.
What’s New!
First release version 1.0.1
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Pairing Discovery
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