Our Story

If you’ve heard of Transoft*FibreNet*, or StudioBoss*, then you know us!

If you haven’t, and you’re into Digital Video, Audio, or Graphics and/or Storage Area Networks (SANs), then you need to know us!

CommandSoft® is a privately owned company with a rich tradition of leadership specializing in the development of shared storage hardware and software solutions for the Media and Entertainment industry.

Jim Wolff, President and CEO

Jim Wolff was the Co-founder, President, and CTO of ‘Transoft Networks’ and the original developer of Transoft’s ‘StudioBoss’ and ‘FibreNet’ software. Jim is the genius behind many new storage area-networking concepts currently being pursued by all of the major high technology companies in the storage area networking industry worldwide. Jim holds seven major patents in storage network management and is recognized, worldwide, as the most innovative thinker in this important core technology. Jim and his staff are always looking forward to providing you with the best in new software, fresh ideas, and network solutions to make your creative process fast, easy, and productive. Since day one they have applied unmatched ingenuity and experience to create outstanding products that exceed industry expectations while providing outstanding support to our customers.

CommandSoft’s developers and service personnel represent the industry’s top talent and are ready to provide you with the BEST in storage management software; industry standard open architecture workflow solutions design and implementation that gives you the ability to work together; and world class support and services. Make no mistake about it – – CommandSoft is the most technically advanced, experienced, and customer-friendly provider of Fibre Channel and iSCSI storage solutions for digital video and graphics applications in use today. Our FibreJet multiplatform software for the most current iterations of Mac OS and Microsoft Windows is just one step in a long series of innovations CommandSoft continues to make so that you are successful now and in the years to come!

FibreJet is ingenuity that just plain works. Here at CommandSoft we have always been innovators with unmatched industry experience, expertise and passion. At CommandSoft we continue to be committed to pushing boundaries so your work knows no limits and our goal is to create unique products that extend beyond a single function and enhance every aspect of your entire workflow process.

FibreJet customers range in size from individual freelance engineers to multinational media powerhouses. FibreJet solutions are used to produce everything from books on tape to full track scoring for major Hollywood films. FibreJet products have been at the technical core of the music you listen to, the games you play, the shows you watch and the movies you see.

Commandsoft has a valued network of resellers located throughout the United States and worldwide.

Jim Wolff
Jim Wolff, CEO CommandSoft, Inc.