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This application was developed for iOS devices running version 4.3 or newer and has been tested both on iPhone 4 and iPad 2 devices, but should function with any iOS devices equipped with cameras dynamically.

This application discreetly takes pictures or video without alerting the subjects it is happening! It also has a media vault for securely storing picture and video media. Media can be imported and exported between the standard camera roll and the media vault.

For example, say you were at a play or concert setting in a low-light room with lots of people around during the performance. If you took a video using the normal Camera application, the light from your phone would disturb others around you. Well, with Stealth Camera you can take that video with a blank screen so that the light will not disturb others around you while you are recording.

The “Blank” stealth mode also offers many specialized camera features including a heads-up-display with many options.

The “Web” stealth mode allows camera operations while letting you use a functioning web browser interface to disguise camera operations.


  • Easy to use, we also give you tips on how to use the app the most efficiently.
  • Full help within the App accessible by Table of Contents entries.
  • Stealth operations in Blank or Web mode with Transparency settings Takes both Pictures and Videos.
  • Independently adjust quality of photos and video as you please to increase it for the full capabilities of the iOS device or the minimum.
  • Private media vault to stores pictures and videos in password protected area. OUR MEDIA VAULT IS FREE – UNLIKE OTHER APPS, WE INCLUDE IT IN THE PURCHASE.
  • Easily import and export pictures and videos from our media vault and the camera roll.
  • You have the option to take timed photos so you don’t have to sit there and tap the screen. It will do it for you.
  • Single and double vibration to give feedback for video record and stop.
  • “Web” mode has interactive browser you can actually use while taking pictures/video for the ultimate experience in stealth activities.
  • “Blank” mode can take a picture / video while screen is completely blank to make the illusion as if your phone is turned off. Also offers:
    • Single-Tap anywhere on the screen to take a picture or video
    • Can control Transparency easily with a two – finger swipe up, or down on the screen
    • Advanced focus, exposure, and white balance adjustments
    • Head up display with in camera operation controls


You can purchase Stealth Camera by clicking here now.
What’s New!
First release version 1.1.1
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