Custom Fibre Channel SAN solutions from CommandSoft.


You have unique requirements. We work with you to design, install and support a shared storage system for your exact needs. Our custom solutions are used by many of the world’s most recognizable names in the industry – we’re confident we can help you too. Regardless of your company’s size, we can provide a system to meet your requirements and your budget.

From editing a movie to recording music to broadcasting, CommandSoft will design a solution to handle your entire workload. We’ll enable all of your users to collaborate on large or small projects and easily capture, share and edit Terabytes of media over a high-throughput, low latency Fibre Channel network. The solutions CommandSoft offers provide you with exceptional performance when used with leading applications like Avid, Pro Tools, Final Cut Pro, Pyramix, Adobe Premiere Pro, IRIDAS Speedgrade, Assimilate Scratch and others.

Each custom solution has been designed, configured and thoroughly tested over more than a decade of industry experience to meet your exacting specifications; assembled in the CommandSoft lab, then carefully packed and shipped for on-site installation.

FibreJet Solution Features

    • CommandSoft SAN solutions support leading applications like Final Cut Pro, Avid, Adobe Premiere Pro, Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Pyramix, IRIDAS Speedgrade, Assimilate Scratch and many others
    • Share storage among multiple OS X and Windows workstations
    • Ingest/Record/Edit/Share – Audio/Video projects, media and other large files
    • Single or dual RAID controller options
    • Enterprise-level drives
    • Redundant power supplies
    • All designed to be easy to configure and use

1,2,4,8-Gbps Fibre Channel Adapters Included with CommandSoft SAN Solution

Fibre Channel HBAs are engineered, tested and optimized for the most throughput-intensive video and audio applications and FibreJet has been designed and tested to run enterprise industry standard equipment offering you solutions fashioned to meet your requirements. Enterprise level HBAs offer you the ability to effortlessly handle uncompressed HD and up to 4K resolutions, including stereoscopic 3D workflows and bandwidth requirements.

The difference is the broad spectrum of hardware solutions that FibreJet can work with. Advanced FibreJet SAN management makes the read-ahead and write caching capability of today’s HBAs fully optimized to actively minimize variations in the data stream to thereby enhance the performance of your SAN.

Powered by FibreJet Multi-platform SAN Management Software You Get Superior performance, versatility and ease-of-use
FibreJet management software enables all of your CommandSoft SAN users to easily share their projects and media files on the Storage Area Network. Workflow is dramatically increased with FibreJet – all users can capture, record and edit directly onto the storage system, eliminating the need to copy files locally.

FibreJet requires no servers or metadata controllers, which makes it a perfect choice for companies without dedicated IT staff. Simply install FibreJet and your OS X and Windows users can be safely sharing all of your Fibre Channel and iSCSI storage.

Other SAN sharing applications – particularly those based on file-level locking – can be complicated to install, configure and maintain. In addition, they may have a serious impact on your SAN’s performance, requiring you to compensate by purchasing more storage hardware than expected. FibreJet is based on a model that emphasizes high performance and simplicity-of-operation. This means FibreJet doesn’t negatively affect your storage hardware’s performance capabilities, so you don’t have to purchase and maintain additional storage arrays and you don’t need more dedicated IT staff to accomplish your mission.

Every copy of FibreJet includes a license for both Mac and PC – you can install it on either platform. You can even install both FibreJet versions on a dual-boot computer!

Complete your CommandSoft SAN Solution with Premium support. Comprehensive, responsive, professional support.

FibreJet SAN Support provides you with fast, convenient access to CommandSoft’s expert engineers – professionals who understand the way you work and know the hardware and applications you use.


You can purchase FibreJet by contacting your local FibreJet Authorized Reseller.
FibreJet options
CommandSoft offers SAN support agreements that also automatically include free major FibreJet revisions to keep your investment always up to date.
Want to learn more before you buy? Have someone contact you for more information.
FibreJet Brochure
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Guide to OS X SAN Software

“We have had incredible results with FibreJet in our facility. We are regularly running with applications that will not support operation with Xsan, and are achieving superior bandwidth to Xsan with those apps that are compatible. We use FibreJet not only for uncompressed HD editing with Final Cut Pro HD, but we also have many AVID Protools systems in our SAN. We are using over 18 TB of storage on Xserve RAID boxes and also over 140 individual JBOD drives. At any given time we may be working on more than 30 projects simultaneously. We are ecstatic with the blinding performance of FibreJet in this most demaning environment because no other solution on our platform provides the functionality, speed, and protection that we require. We are constantly amazed at the flexibility of the system for post production sound editing, mixing and video/film editing on the blockbuster movies we work on.”

Jonathan Wales

Sonic Magic Studios