CommandSoft Domestic Reseller List:

There are two basic ways to purchase CommandSoft products and services:


Since you probably have a CommandSoft Reseller in or near your local area, a very convenient way to obtain FibreJet demonstrations and purchase FibreJet seats/software is to contact your local reseller from the list below. CommandSoft’s Resellers are uniquely qualified to assist you with developing, implementing, and supporting your FibreJet-based solution. Also, these resellers have long-standing relationships with the film, digital video, audio and graphics industry, so they are very well-qualified in terms of understanding your application environment.

Brochure (PDF)
Storage Area Networks and You (PDF)
You may also purchase CommandSoft’s premier storage area network (SAN) services through CommandSoft’s Resellers. These CommandSoft services would include SAN solution design and implementation, remote support services, on-site support services, and training. These services are available through your reseller as a supplement to your reseller’s own services.
Note: Many of CommandSoft’s Resellers can provide complete, FibreJet-based “Turnkey” SAN solutions including software, Fibre Channel hardware, and associated design, implementation and support services.CommandSoft is proud to have the following reseller partners as part of our team. To learn more about our resellers, please contact us at 805-730-7772.