Notification for FibreJet version 3.x and older



Notification: CommandSoft, Inc.

3345 State Street #3063 Santa Barbara, CA 93130

T. 805.730.7772

October 13, 2016

RE: Product End of Life Policy and Announcement

Dear CommandSoft Customer,

This letter is a formal notification that CommandSoft is initiating the End of Life (EOL) process for all revisions of FibreJet 4.x products as of December 1, 2013. Pursuant to the terms of your agreement with CommandSoft, this letter serves as your formal written end-of-life notification, which will allow for appropriate planning and opportunity for last time purchases.

End of Life Process Definition
Products reach the end of their Product Life Cycle for a number of reasons. These reasons may be due to market demands; technology innovation and development driving changes in the product, or the products simply mature over time and are replaced by functionally richer technology. While this is an established part of the overall product life cycle, CommandSoft, Inc recognizes that end-of-life milestones often prompt companies to review the way in which such end-of-sale and end-of-life milestones impact the CommandSoft software products companies use in production. With that in mind, we have set out below CommandSoft, Inc’s. end-of-life policy to help customers better manage their end-of-life transition and to understand the role CommandSoft, Inc. can play in helping to migrate to current software versions.

o As a general rule, CommandSoft Software will provide 6 months notice of the affected product’s end-of-life date and/or the last day when the affected product can be ordered. This notice will be presented to CommandSoft, Inc. Software’s customers via one or more the following methods.
o Press Release indicating new version releases
o Email notifications
o Phone calls from COMMANDSOFT Software’s sales consultants and other staff through it’s reseller channel
o Information will be posted to COMMANDSOFT Software website

3345 State Street #3063 Santa Barbara, CA 93130 U.S.A. Phone: 805-730-7772 Email: Website: CommandSoftTM, Inc.

oo Access to COMMANDSOFT Software’s Technical Support Services staff for problems associated with the applicable software and hardware may or may not be available after the end of life date.

oo Where available, CommandSoft, Inc Software support may or may not provide bug fixes, maintenance releases, workaround, or patches for critical bugs reported to the Technical Support Services staff after the end of life date. Bear in mind a software upgrade to a version that is currently supported may be required to correct a reported problem.

oo You will need to ensure that you have a current and fully paid support contract with CommandSoft, Inc. Please contact the Technical Support Services staff or your organization’s sales consultant for questions associated with your service contract.

End of Life Announcement

CommandSoft is initiating the End of Life (EOL) process for all revisions of FibreJet 4.x , 3.x , 2.x products.

CommandSoft will provide ongoing service for the installed base of the above mentioned products per the terms and conditions outlined in your End User License Agreement (EULA) with CommandSoft and in subsequent support renewal agreements. Software updates and technical support will, after designated dates, no longer support products completing their lifecycles.

FibreJet 5.X is the only current version of the FibreJet SAN Management Software now being shipped and supersedes all prior versions of FibreJet. Active technical support, bug fixes, driver maintenance and on going product development are presently being done only for FibreJet 5.X.

FibreJet 1.x Mac [OS 9, 10.1-10.3.x, 10.4.x (PPC and Intel)], EOL Date: 2004.12.06 [Partial Support 2005.05.06, End of Support 2005.08.05]

FibreJet 2.x Mac [10.3.x-10.5.8], EOL Date: 2008.08.01 [Partial Support 2009.08.01, End of Support 2009.11.01]

FibreJet 2.x Win [WinXP, Vista32], EOL Date: 2009.12.07 [Partial Support 2010.05.07, End of Support 2010.08.31]

FibreJet 3.x Mac [OSX 10.4.11-10.5.8], EOL Date: 2009.12.07 [Partial Support 2010.05.07, End of Support 2010.08.31]
NOTE: There was no FibreJet 3.x Win

FibreJet 4.x Mac [OSX 10.6.8-10.8.5], EOL Date: 2013.12.01 [Partial Support 2014.05.31, End of Support 2015.08.31]

FibreJet 5 is now the only shipping version of FibreJet

On December 1, 2013 CommandSoft announced the release of FibreJet 5. The Fifth generation FibreJet SAN Management Software replaced all shipping versions of the CommandSoft flagship product on December 10th and a new product life cycle began. 64-bit compatible cross-platform, shared code-base supporting the latest OS offerings OS X 10.12 Sierra and Windows 10

CommandSoft, Inc., a leading developer for shared storage solutions, announced their latest version of their popular FibreJet¨ SAN management representing the fourth generation of the FibreJet product line.

FibreJet¨ 5.0 now shares a common code base between platforms bringing Mac OS X style user interface to its cross platform Windows offering. This next generation also includes advanced Meta-data management with built in file system repair, powerful data migration, and a totally new command line interface allowing automation of important maintenance and operation functions to free up administrators and editors for more productive use of their time.

New to FibreJet 5.0 X-Platform
Version 5.0 incorporates all features present in FibreJet version 4.x plus some major additions:

o Multiple-writer capable with XSan integration (requires MetaData OS X Server computer)
o Option to run without a SAN database (but limits features, such as will lose ability to group projects / users and permissions). This is intended for SANs that do not mind each workstation accessing all reachable SAN volumes
o SAN Health-check automation (record of user scheduled file systems checks, can email you when problem discovered)
o General speed-ups, faster discovery launching, GUI improvements
o Support for Latest OS, latest drivers and adapters (iSCSI, Thunderbolt, etc.)
o Single-Volume Volume Maintenance Mode.
o Option to pre-check file system each time mounted. This will immediately alert users if they need to perform Volume Maintenance (repair a volume)
o Integration of FibreJet System Preferences into application, special “startup-mode” to enter “admin” tool functions and by-pass normal startup
o Dynamic drive letter management (windows)
o Improvements to Windows GUI

The new generation of FibreJet offers users an ever-increasing list of exciting new features. Administrators can now expand existing file systems* that need more space right within FibreJet. A new Data Migration engine allows SAN administrators block-copy or file-copy capabilities for data duplication, backup, and storage retirement. SAN Support Tools include event log auditing and SAN Health support in the form of built-in diagnostics reporting, file system checking, and advanced repair.

A new tool provides an unprecedented view into the virtualization of SAN structure including the relationships between a file system volume and its underlying physical disk, partition structures and software RAID structure. This tool also includes utilities for archiving the partition maps, useful not only for support purposes, but also recovering from certain catastrophic data-loss scenarios.

FibreJet 5.0 for Mac OS X 10.12 Sierra / Windows 10 Cross-Platform is available for immediate download for a charge of just $899.00 for the upgrade as long as all seats on the site have a valid support contract. This cost also adds an additional year of support to your existing contract. You can download the latest version at:

Users of FibreJet SANs not covered by active CommandSoft support agreements can order FibreJet 5.0 upgrades for $1199/seat which includes a one year support contract per seat from all authorized FibreJet resellers or directly from CommandSoft at: (805) 730-7772

Version 5.1.x incorporates all features present in FibreJet version 5.0.x plus some major additions:

o Paid Multiple-writer Metadata Controller GUI Option (requires MetaData OS X Server computer)

CommandSoft –

CommandSoft, Inc. is the developer of FibreJet, a next-generation, shared-storage solution for Storage Area Networks (SANs). FibreJet enables file systems to be dynamically shared in a multiple-reader / single writer environment. CommandSoft was founded by the original developers of FibreNetTM, StudioBOSSTM, FC Net Director RAIDTM, SAN ManagerTM and other storage software systems. They were among the first Fibre Channel innovators through their development of HBA drivers for WindowsTM, SolarisTM, MacintoshTM OS and IRIX Fibre Channel chip sets from QLogicTM, EmulexTM, and AgilentTM. For more information on the company, its products and its mission, visit the CommandSoft website at: or call 800-447-0144.

*Support for expansion of file systems requires certain criteria to be met in relation to the configuration of partitions on the storage.

FibreJet (R) is a trademark of CommandSoft, Inc. Windows is a trademark of Microsoft