FibreJet Upgrade Faq

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Upgrade FAQ; why is it a paid upgrade, why is it a free upgrade:

As Apple and Windows upgrade to new operating systems requiring software upgrades CommandSoft provides an Upgrade Path to existing license holders. Product upgrades require that the end user meet the qualification requirements that make him eligible for the upgrade path he is enquiring about.

Customers that maintain an active support status on their entire FibreJet SAN now are entitled to free OS upgrade codes for the same major version of FibreJet that they own.

New Licenses of FibreJet 5.x cost $1595.00 MSRP and include a one-year support agreement. This support agreement basically defined as: 1 Year Phone Support, M-F 8/5, excluding weekends & holidays. Includes Major Software Updates same feature set / same OS. Updates are defined as bug fixes, security updates, stability updates and feature refinements of the features originally included in version as purchased.

Existing licenses that are version 5.0.x and have active support agreements are eligible for new support OS code releases at no additional cost.

Existing licenses that are version 5.0.x and have no active support agreement must renew support on all seats of the SAN at a cost of $299 MSRP per seat.

Existing licenses that are version 2.x, 3.x and/or version 4.x require an upgrade to version 5.x in order to be eligible for support agreement as per your EULA. The FJ5.x Upgrade at a cost of $599.00 MSRP per seat and also requires the entire SAN to be under active support at $299.00 MSRP per seat.

FibreJet 5.1.x is compatible with all FibreJet versions from 3.0 forward and Mac OS from 10.7 forward. It is a 64bit kernel compatible product and Windows cross platform compatible. Some features and upgrade codes may be a paid upgrade, such as to enable the 5.1 support for Multiple-writers Metdata GUI support.

It is upgraded through upgrade codes administered through the “Hardware Key” tab located in your FibreJet -> Update License… menu command. To order a code specify the dongle license you wish to upgrade (be sure to include the HASP ID) in your PO and we will be glad to generate the dongle key specific upgrade code.

Updated 10/13/2016